vodka was able to take down Garrosh in 25 man heroic last night and complete tier 16. It was just one more step forward since the rebirth of the guild as we head towards the next expansion and prepare for mythic raids. We are definitely looking forward to the next expansion and the mythic raid changes.

While “progression” is now over for the guild a lot is still going on. We are still recruiting for WoD and as such exceptional players who might be interested in joining should contact an officer or apply.

Additionally the Stormrage GDKP is still running weekly so check out the previous news post or head over to the realm forums to learn more and sign up.

Lastly, keep an eye our for upcoming posts regarding heroic SoO sales and WoD expansion farming contests to help vodka during progression. CM Gold Sales runs happen quite frequently in our guild so contact an officer if you're interested!

Be sure to tune into our player streams each week as we continue to farm SoO! Lots of give-aways!