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Greetings Stormrage. Since transferring to one of the largest servers in World of Warcraft, I have noticed that there has not been a consistent weekly GDKP group for Siege of Ogrimmar. With that in mind; I am starting a raid group that will progress through the 25 man version of the instance, eventually working on heroic mode content. This is a fun and effective way for people to gear mains and alts while making gold. Please read through the information below before signing up or asking questions.

Schedule Information:

Day: Every Saturday unless notified ahead of time

Start time: 5pm EST

Break: ~7pm EST -- Duration: 15min

Completion: 10pm EST

The roster and back-up players will be set each week by Friday and invites will go out approximately 15 minutes prior.  Do not be discouraged if you are a back up; people cancel or do not show up so always be ready! Attending players can expect that the group will adhere to this schedule closely, and that as a result, the content we do will depend on the gear level and experience of the group. Efficiency, as well as minimal AFK’s will be paramount so we can finish as much of the instance as possible in the time allotted. If you plan on attending you must sign up each week, no spots will be reserved.


- Level 90 ALLIANCE character

- Minimum gold: 50k

- Minimum iLVL: 540 equipped (exceptions can be made for those willing to spend substantial amounts of gold.)

- All current gear must be properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged.

- Participants must have the consumables(flasks/pots/foods) necessary for the duration of the raid. Noodle carts will be provided.

- Mumble VOIP – information will be provided at the start of the raid.

Raid Group Selection:

The raid group will have an even distribution of classes.  Selection will be based on a number of factors including; (but not limited to) gold, gear level, raid experience, and class/role. Everyone is considered a buyer, and while the group will consist of more experienced or geared players, no special treatment will be given to these players.  People who have a good attitude, spend gold, and perform well will be invited back to subsequent runs.

Loot Rules:

There are no reserved items or special cases. All items are awarded using GDKP. An add-on will be used to help facilitate item distribution and keep track of gold/pot size. At the end of the raid the gold shares will be distributed to all participating members of the raid.

All loot will be distributed to the highest bidder. If no player bids, and the item is an upgrade for a player in the raid, that player will be forced to bid the minimum. If the item is an upgrade for multiple players a roll will determine who is forced to bid. Refusal will result in removal. This is to encourage gear progression for subsequent weeks of clearing.

Everyone is expected to perform at an acceptable level, which is to be judged by the raid leader(s). This includes (but is not limited to) listening to the raid leader’s instructions, performing acceptable DPS for your level of gear, staying alive, and following tactics.

Do not be abusive, rude, or obnoxious to anyone in the raid. This includes talking over the raid leader(s) during tactics, or speaking throughout the bidding process. Don’t harass others for playing poorly, as some players will be accepted despite poorer performance because they will be spending more gold than average.

Anyone determined to be intentionally impeding raid progress by performing actions such as (but not limited to): not participating in the clearing of trash,  preventing the completion of encounters, being unavailable for contact, being unresponsive through in-game contact or third party programs, or by hampering the raiding performance of another individual, will face penalties (gold or removal).

If you leave early or disconnect for an extended period of time you will forfeit your share of the pot and be replaced, and as such, the replacement will receive your full share of the pot.

Minimum Loot Bids:

These numbers are subject to change.

553 Items - 5,000g

553 Weapons 10,000g

553 Trinkets - 10,000g

553 Tier - 10,000g

559 items - 10,000g

559 Weapons - 20,000g

559 Trinkets - 20,000g

566 Armor - 15,000g

566 Weapons - 20,000g

566 Trinkets - 20,000g

566 Tier - 20,000g

572 Armor – 20,000g

572 Weapons – 25,000g

572 Trinkets – 25,000g


Note: Bids are place in increments of 1000g.

Sign up Link:

Raid Roster Link:

Check this after Thursday(2/6/14) to see your status.

Additional Resources/Contact Information: