Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Heavyarms » September 16th, 2010, 2:39 am

Love that this guild, site and post still going strong! I still edit from time to time :) 42,000 views sheesh!
^_^ Was kicked from vodka's D3 clan for looting too many legendaries. Froze everyone's screen lmao.
Just got back into WoW, apparantly 6 years later, I am still recognized on Mannoroth as the greatest tank ever, and damn it feels good. (I edit this periodically), done with WoW again, got High Warlord Heavyarms with a Boomkin horde side in like a month of cataclysm and bounced.
*edit edit* - I PLAY DRAENOR!! (sorta) Hero of the Horde Firearms on Arthas, and Heavyarms PvE Warrior on Mannoroth in Macab.
**Will always come back to WoW from time to time, I would like to play with wife and kids but I need to farm those materials first ;)**

Tshingh also typed up a 19 page memoir about leading vodka, this file will never get to be read by any of us sadly

I met Tshingh when he was at level 58 gettin my ass kicked by the Fire dude in Un'goro Crater. He was impressed that I already had the 900g epic mount (Mining ftw).

Lots of the old gang is in a private facebook group with us, so you can find my info at the bottom of this post, we still game some (Hots, Hearth, did D3) from time to time.

It's baller how front-stage we set this guild up to be. The torch has been passed and continued with greatness.

I'm older now dealing with the hustle and bustle of life, and I guess will never get to relive such a fantasy that I fulfilled through this virtual masterpiece. I got nostalgic about my old guild so I'm going to post some fun facts for all you new vodka members so you know "your roots". Speaking of roots, anyone noticing that they have significantly less hair than they did back in our day? Shucks! Time to call 1-800 BOSLEY

<vodka> guild's name creation was a discussion between Tshingh and Zwink, when Tshingh asked Zwink "Hey, don't you think that vodka looks better than Vodka" Zwink agreed, but this had nothing to do with thinking of guild names. Tshingh later named his guild this and the joke name stuck.

<vodka> was created on Valentines day 2005 in coalition with Tshingh, Zwink, Heavyarms, Morphy, Indy, and a few others. Hyori & Moonie most likely. *edit* and with members of Lionheart Order -(alkor)


<vodka> was at first a guild full of rejects and ninja looters, the major guilds were Legion of Flame, Victuri te Salutant, and Macabre, and most vodka members were "denied" from those guilds before they came to us. Every other guilds trash became our treasure (We just wanted manpower, 40 bodies ftw). vodka was the most shat on guild on the server for starts....nobody liked us, and trust me Folks the Realm Forum's were way more active than they are today. This is a key factor that only made us stronger, we kept our mouths shut, we didn't talk the talk we walked the walk.
We are completely guilty of running multiple Molten Core's in a week. *-stole Macabre's MC raid a few times too. Thanks Forbidden Donut, our "Little Brother" guild. Puff n Waywatcher!

<vodka> raided molten core with numerous level 58's in the early days, remember Suncho raids? hah!

<vodka> had some members that were a part of the first Onyxia kill on the server, I can remember changing guilds to Squirrel Mafia for a day, only to find out that they couldn't get past Lucifron with a technically more farmed and established guild, thank god I got my head straight within a day and begged back into vodka. Truth be told though, I was kicked out of the guild probably more times than anyone to ever have a long-lasting impact of any clan or guild. I was an AFK master, A terrible forum troll, and always 5 minutes late to was specifically stated in our guild charter "When apping to vodka, do not use Heavyarms as a reference to the guild". Sometimes when you are the main tank you just get special service folks.

<vodka> only created 1 Thunderfury, but had 5 Garr half-bindings. I recieved the Alliance first Thunderfury on Mannoroth, 3rd Worldwide. Our first 3 garr bindings went to Paladin - Hunter - Rogue in that order before the 4th+5th came to me. Flying into Silithus to fight Thunderaan for the greatest weapon the game has ever seen, my dad pulled the plug on me, I did not get to witness my crowning moment. Guild leader logged in to fight for my sword-in-the-stone. (Also did not have swords trained, haha witness the moment where the most geared player whiffs every swing)
I farmed eastern plaguelands for 7 months before anyone ever even knew what was going to be required to make it, had a team of miners xmuting every 48 hours just on a wild hunch that it was going to be an insane amount of smelted Arcanite Bars to make it.

<vodka> took over the server when we achieved Nefarion (BWL) server first, we never looked back from then on.

<vodka> monopolized the outdoor raid scene, we beat Lord Kazzak and 3 horde raids (120 horde vs 40 alliance) at the same time. Azuregos and Green dragons were literally monopolized by us, and part early success of vodka can be attributed to the mass piles of money collected by selling Eye of Shadows (and whatever crap Azuregos dropped) to the rest of the server. And Don't even get me started on Green Dragons....If I had a nickel.....*edit* We always had help from extra online guild members and other legions, but ey' we still had some epic wars over the spoils.

<vodka> was a 43man guild during 40man raiding days and under this concept had a tight-knit elite that was exceptionally bad ass. We had a stronger core than most guilds, and a good portion of us had multiple IRL friends in the guild, this allowed us to phone each other for outdoor raid bosses at 3AM.

<vodka> setup the most intricate well thought out DKP system of its time, no other dkp system came close to its protocol value, and set the precedent for how most guilds distribute loot today (2010), this was a big factor in recruiting top-elites from other guilds. *edit* remember that german site that was Indy's poker and dkp theory word for word when translated? hah!

#vodkawars greatest chat channel of all time, more guilds should have done this, your tanks need to always be in sync. (and ready to de-aggro a mob to give Kazama or Jonova a durability check).

<vodka> had the greatest guild leader on the server, and I will say in WoW for the time. Tshingh was probably the most quiet yet well respected person on the server, I say this because during the time of opening the gates of Ahn'qiraj there was a "Round table" for guild leaders (both horde and alliance) to meet and discuss what their guild would do with the effort. Tshingh was essentially the King-without-wanting-to-be because he had the most maturity and wisest input amongst the fuss. He always pushed us to play above and beyond the call of duty, but knew when to cut things short too. (Such a tease when you can't raid because your guild leader thinks you all are bad). It made us reflect on how bad we really wanted it.

<Tshingh> left during the 4 Horsemen of Naxxramas and members actually cried over vent,
vodka was a brotherhood, not a guild. we had some sisters too :) I can remember him forcing us to do the side boss Viscidus when no one wanted to, simply because we were one of the only guilds who were proficient at it.

<Tshingh> also did not like for us to post on the WoW Forums, namely myself and Kazama, because we were dumb fucks that posted stupid stuff and made us look retarded, trolls will rant, pros show results and thats what Tshingh was all about.

<vodka> caused the downfall of <Ascent> on Medivh, a top ranked Horde guild that had a 4-day headstart on Ahn Qiraj, and 4 hours after Mannoroth's Gates opened vodka surpassed the achievements of <Fury> and <Ascent> in AQ40.

<Mannoroth> was the 2nd server to open the gates of AQ, and THE ONLY PVP SERVER IN THE TOP 10 TO OPEN THE AQ GATES FIRST.

<Mannoroth> WAS AT WAR during this time, because <The Twelve Prophets>(horde #1) and <Macabre> (Alliance #2) wanted to get the honors of opening the gates. The goal was for each faction to farm the essential items (and a LOT of it), and one major guild get crowned to open the gates. There was no such thing as easy farming during this time.

For the effort, I spent most of my time farming lowbie linen in Ragefire Chasm, was funny seeing horde gankers ready for me after every reset.
I was also one of the biggest ambassadors of cross-faction item xfers towards raffles for the gate effort.
Spent a lot of time @ booty bay AH, or gadgetzan.
Special thanks to Predestined, Reformation, and Kreator you guys helped tremendously with that.

Server-wide message of /who vodka by WoW Dev's during our AQ domination.

<vodka> can also attribute much of its success to a Horde guild named 12P (The Twelve Prophets) that absolutely crushed the server in all aspects and set the standard extremely high to be the most elite of Mannoroth. Twelve Prophets did not have a Tshingh for a leader, 12p would be surpassed as mentioned after Nefarion.

<vodka>'s World First Twin Emperors costed Indy (gnome tank and dkp theorist) over 1,000 gold an hour, we probably practiced for 50 hours before a kill. It was a bugged strategy involving a maintank standing next to a repair bot (Because armor would break numerous times per attempt) Spamming demo shout, and healers swapping heal aggro on that tank (since he was trying to hold about 200 bugs that we did not want to kill)

Nobody in the history of WoW ever got to see what vodka saw in AQ40....after the Twin Emperors, there was a cock-block....instant respawning trash!!! -note....also the worst hardest trash pulls of the instance, we did a boatload of pulls before realizing this.
We had rogues study the patrols of these mobs for a combined 30 hours until we pulled the largest 40man ninja run ever witnessed (only by us ofcourse, sorry, no1 fraps'd)

We made it all the way to the room before Ouro when we had a must-fight trash pack, we killed it, and it instantly respawned on us, and then we wiped and said GG blizz. Otherwise, you could consider Ouro and C'thun world firsts for us as well. (/pat for me coming up with the winning strat for Ouro 20% enrage, sometimes the dumbest raider's crazy ideas are brilliant)

Lastly, <vodka> can attribute the greatest amount of its early success to having the most active dominant healers on the server, kudos to all the guys that had to do hard heals on my lil Dwarven Warrior while I pwned with Thunderfury.
/yell "Buff me!! --- Morphy, Fearward!" "BLOODRAGE DOWN, CHARGE PULL!" --- !!Heal HEAVY.

- I remember farming EPL for arcanite, that bastard Sluggette, and that poor troll Charinda.
- I remember Indy's Typhoon ninja from Magoosh rofl
- Potting to beat Fratley in a duel i'd clearly lost in front of like all the elites of Mannoroth.
- WSG with the 10 most Legendary warriors on the server, basically 10 TF / Raghammers, calling for backup and seeing someone stunlock instagibbed with an endless barrage of charge / intercepts. We went untouched needless to say.
- 5manning all of Orgrimmar when Honor first came out.
- I remember winning a 1v7 days after getting my TF.

You guys are a totally new crew, on a new server, but the evolution of one of the greatest guilds in the world (of Warcraft) came from what I just posted.

Much <3 Heavyarms of <vodka> - The King of Nubs

If any member of vodka is still around from the good ol' days, please stand up, and share any other memorable moments that I can edit in later, imo should be a sticky post. We are looking for old pictures, Chronova has some, if you have any archived, please share.

I can not thank all you guys enough for giving me basically the opportunity of a lifetime wielding that beastly wep and making some great memories, I will truly never forget that.

RIP Tshingh, Morphy, Indy, Faian, Zwink, Jonova, Kazama, Pantheris, Uggs, Magekaysha, Avaren, Kirico, Hyori, Moonie, Blackest, Puff, Zandien, Sagen, Yazour, Canen, Mareius, Trixxy, Apeal (and his super hot girlfriend Preciouss), Shintax, Azndyna, Darksade, Moya, Megumix, Crystalgrape, Vozz, Chronova, Cdot, Cailin, Laini, Devilpunker, Perrito, Elc, Derani, Nug, Aurien, Darkhammer, Lumi, Wazzu, Rarh, Aris, Saracens, Vozz, Ditzylala, Orlik, Jehjeh, Pollution, Hok, Sparky, Yolee, Rakesh, Arlien, Quality, Alkor, Brome, & Tactics.
Just way tooo many to list. If you feel you have been robbed of an =P

Other mentions ....
Fratley, never had a greater arch-rival than you pal. Total Goku Vegeta stuff man. Glad we got to be guildies near the end.
Parabola, you were the the best cross faction rivalry, my Orcish twin.
Zwink, you were so young, I definitely took a lot of things you did for granted, you matured and took the clan to the next level. Thank you for carrying hard when others fell. Wazzu, Sagen, Zwink. /bow
Pantheris You are one funny dude, honestly I needed you because you made the 3 stooges look good, (Kaz, Heavy, Pant <3)
Canen You started it all, your video edits of our boss kills with mandatory Rammstein.
Tshingh Save the best for last, our founding father, a Toast....Tshingh, cheers. Greatest mage, multitask vent raid leader multibox logged in as other guildees (even logging in Heavyarms to get me to the raid zone knowing I would be late )- Remember you physically had to be at the Raid Instance which could take up to 30 minutes to travel to. "Heal Heavy"

I do believe I can take partial credit for the /sleep font, I think I had some input on that...ofcourse it went on to be used by farmers for advertisement.

Forbidden Donut, Macabre, all the alliance guilds that helped us fend off the horde in outdoor content for the greater good of the faction.
Macabre for making raiding truly competitive faction-side.

#1 - Focus
#2 - Don't Suck

P.S. Read other posts on other pages by members, they seem to write better than me :) ... 954e03.jpg
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Acrylic » September 16th, 2010, 3:04 am

Vanilla - AKA - best raiding of all times.
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Grief » September 16th, 2010, 5:02 am

raging here
I had 4 times this post but decided not to post it all because the rest doesnt bug me as much but it still BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME

Heavyarms wrote:would expect some respect as the most veteran of all of you.

fuck you, leaving a guild and then coming back doesnt mean you should be respected because YOU LEFT (this pisses me off more than anything)

Heavyarms wrote:Anyone who never raided vanilla wow I have less respect for, you have no idea what hard work and real dedication to the game is

Anyone who never raided HM LK I have no respect for, you have no idea what hard work and real dedication to the game is
grats on playing the game when it was underdeveloped and time was more demanding?

post wouldve been fine without all "im so fucking cool because i was in the guild a long time ago"

Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Kalanii » September 16th, 2010, 5:20 am

post wouldve been fine without all "im so fucking cool because i was in the guild a long time ago"

Sadly I agree. I was enjoying the info from the past, but the holier than thou PS ruined it.
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Tek » September 16th, 2010, 7:48 am

Heavy: Sagen, Zwink, and then finally Scrub was how the last of the originals went. Sagen left during TBC, Zwink pretty much after the Sunwell run, and Scrub lasted into WotLK. So none of the old folks are still around these days--although Mkicon may know at lot of those people. It is my impression that he was a Mannoroth original.

It's always cool to hear the back story of where a guild came from and what its roots really were. I had no idea about most of that, although I did hear from Zyori and Zwink at one point that the old AQ was pretty nuts when you folks were first inside it. Nice to have some details about it.

As to the rest, I'm sure you've heard the voices of the other people. I'd imagine that you didn't mean it to be taken as it was, but some concessions must be made to the effort that these folks have put in. I raided during TBC--from the end of Black Temple and for the entire PTR/Live Sunwell race. We put in a ton of effort to raiding and working out new content against fierce competition. It was honestly one of the most intense things that I have ever done in my life [and I work 50-70 hours every week as a CTO for a hotel chain while going to school full-time]. The race that we were in and all that effort, pales in comparison to what this current crop of vodka stars has had to endure to make it through the Heroic ICC race. Give them their props, they truly deserve it.

vodka certainly isn't the same guild or same culture that it once was back on Manno or during vanilla, I'm sure. The calibre of player, thanks in no small part to your hard work and the hard work of all of the originals, has steadily increased over time. This current roster of players is absolutely one of the strongest and one of the best led that has ever carried the vodka name. Thank you, Heavy, for all that you did in making the vodka name as strong and as recognized as it is today. Take a moment though and look at where your history stops and how far this guild has come along. Whether these players raided vanilla or not, they are the best in the business now.

PS: The best tank on Manno ever was Tekzor. Just sayin'!
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Heavyarms » September 16th, 2010, 10:36 am

Kalanii wrote:
post wouldve been fine without all "im so fucking cool because i was in the guild a long time ago"

Sadly I agree. I was enjoying the info from the past, but the holier than thou PS ruined it.

I agree with yall too, shouldn't of been said. Sorry to ruin the long ass post in 1-fell-swoop. its edited now, but whats done is done.
I must say however, I quit 3 days before the burning crusade expansion and left on good terms with the guild. Thunderfury got outdated pretty fast at level 70 and so I never did any real collateral damage to the guild. Especially with the game traversing to 25mans.

Good luck to you guys in the future, and once again I apologize, it goes with the old elitism you'll have to excuse me, but I do understand now that a new batch has put in just as much time, if not more to do the hard-mode-achievements, and I feel blessed that the legacy still lives on.

Long live vodka
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Laythe » September 16th, 2010, 10:37 am

also im the best moonkin to ever play the spec
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Heavyarms » September 16th, 2010, 10:41 am

Laythe wrote:also im the best moonkin to ever play the spec

whats your spell power, j/w
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Laythe » September 16th, 2010, 10:46 am


aka -

but im also full best in slot minus halion 284 gear (cloak/bracers/trinket)
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Re: Vanilla <vodka> Facts

Postby Heavyarms » September 16th, 2010, 11:06 am

P.P.S. Ya'll are making great videos, keep it up. /pat
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