Recruitment Details (updated 10/20/2014)

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Recruitment Details (updated 10/20/2014)

Postby Kevin » December 25th, 2009, 2:05 am

The main things vodka looks for in players:

In order of importance (note: These are all enforced and strict requirements - the order just demonstrates what we look for and want the most)

We expect everyone to be able to work as a team. Guilds are successful because their members are willing to sacrifice DPS or something that solely benefits them for the better of the raid.

We expect everyone to have a friendly attitude towards other members. As an applicant you might get picked on by other members a little but it is all in good fun and is not meant to be taken seriously. However, you will need to be able to take criticism (sometimes harsh) from the officers - this is what you should take seriously. Having a bad attitude and getting into fights with other guild members will not get you anywhere.

Raiders are expected to show up to almost every raid. Missing raids frequently is not good. You can miss raids, it just can't be happening so much that it's noticeable.

We expect everyone to have the basics. The basics being a working microphone and a computer good enough for raiding. We expect you to be able to communicate when necessary or when spoken to on during important encounters. We aren't going to force you to talk, but when you have an important job and it is vital you speak - it will be required.

You must be ready to do whatever it takes to min/max your character. Raiders must do what it takes to make sure their character is as raid ready as possible before the raid.

We want you to want to be in our raids, and we will invest in you as much as you invest into us. As a guild, vodka strives to be the best. If you are coming in for a boss and you are confused with the way we execute it you are better off asking questions than going into a fight not knowing what to do.

We are looking for those who are very experienced in World of Warcraft, with the raiding experience to back that up.

Information about the guild:

vodka's Guild Atmosphere
Maintaining a solid team atmosphere is very crucial to us, we like to socialize during, before and after raids - even during off days. vodka members all know one another, we do not consist of a bunch of cliques, instead the entire guild is a whole - no one is left out. Regardless of our close-knit atmosphere we have no problem welcoming newer members to our guild and making them feel like they are part of the team. Learn to take advantage of that when you are accepted into the guild, however, do not be overly friendly when you have only been in the guild for a couple days. On the flip side, do not be that guy no one knows because he never logs on or speaks to anyone.

Loot System
vodka awards all loot via loot council. We distribute loot based on many factors, including raid attendance, seniority(how long you've been in the guild), and previous loot received. There are also other factors, but they are not listed here because they often change.

Our goal is to put the loot where it will best serve the guild from a raid progression standpoint, we do not punish members for taking items that are not their best in slot but still a fairly decent upgrade. We place a high value on loyalty and attendance, and tend to award the best items to individuals that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable.

Closing words

Things you should know as an app:
-We do not like having to go through the trouble of having to do extra things just to reach you, you do not have that privilege as an applicant. You need to be reachable especially if you are sitting out.

-Being a good player and learning to get to know the guild beyond the raids, trying to know the guild as a whole is welcomed.

-Should you have an issue concerning on how you think you are performing or any problem you may have, you are free to ask the officers to speak to you after raids privately about your concerns so we can explain it in depth.

-When you join our guild we will treat you as an equal and will continue to do so throughout your trial period until you show us that you are not fit for our guild.
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